Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Two

This weekend we had two bicycle generators running. On Saturday we discovered our back up dc powered water boiling thermos also had called it quits, so we were charging the camera and cell phone batteries. (Again relying on our coleman dual burner stove to boil water for coffee, tea, and dish washing) On Saturday we brought a crock pot to boil water as it only draws 200 Watts. We ran it for awhile (along with a radio and an ipod charger) and soon discovered that the resistance for pedaling is much greater if the batteries are drawn down. Backing up a bit, Colin rigged up a control board in the studio with lights and switches for up to three bikes. Once a rider gets some rpm’s (rotations per minute) going on the bike, Colin would switch the connection on to the battery. Many times this would be enough to keep the momentum going and generating power is relatively easy. Some riders would slow to a stop once the battery was connected. Colin was an excellent coach in telling riders about the wall of resistance that once you break through, it is easy riding.

We also had music in the pod this weekend when Vicki Dischler and Sarah Burk played on Saturday afternoon. Many thanks to them!! Also thank you to our out of town friends who visited and donated to our efforts, Susan Ranfranz and Theresa Smith

Ped Pex Power Pod image gallery

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