Wednesday, January 21, 2009

view from above

Click here to see an image of the Ped Pex Power Pod from the Sky.

MNKiteman visited the shanty projects and took a photo from his camera on the kite.

It means a lot to us because our uncle EW Redmond (the kite gypsy) had a big influence on our creative efforts. EW of Tulsa OK died in 2001 while holding the world record of consecutive days of flying a kite, 1297. He would ask a witness to sign his log and give them the kite they had watched fly. He also did a lot of photography from his kites and made wooden tops. One of those tops I cast in iron and have in the center of the pod. Many visitors ask "What's with the tops? It is my way of bringing EW with us. Thanks for the beautiful view from the sky MNKiteman!

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