Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We are down to the wire. Two days until the opening and we are sweating it. We are nearly done with the first generator. Big shout out to David Welder for designing the tensioning system. Veronica and I are testing our machining capabilities…if we can just get the two tabs in just the right spot we’ll be golden. Colin came down with a cold and needed a day off. He’ll be finishing the door tomorrow. We are waiting for the wind to die down so we can put the shell on. We found some 40 foot wide reinforced plastic to use and we have our fastening system figured out (sandwiched triangles) so we’re hoping for calm skies on Friday. The power pack arrived today but we are still waiting for the low watt coffee maker. Back up plan is in order. We have a Coleman stove to boil water if we can’t get the generator going by Saturday. Either way, we’ll have coffee and tea and three bikes in there ready to ride…..

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  1. took a look at the pod's shell that's been sitting on the ice since Sunday.. Made it through the blizzard without issue. The wind sculpted some beautiful drifts around the triangle supports. Thanks to Sally Waterman and Margaret Kelaart for your cols weather help on Sunday..