Tuesday, January 13, 2009

4 days to opening

With just four days left before the Art Shanties open, we are continuing to design and trouble shoot as we go. We have the floor and framework up on the lake. We built the door in the studio yesterday, and were hoping to put the plastic over the building, but
the winds picked up speed in the afternoon. We spread out the plastic on the ground over the unused railroad tracks behind the building, and it was impossible to cut it, because of the waves created by the wind. At one point Colin was lying on the edge of the plastic shouting instructions about length needed, and all i could do was laugh, he looked like he was belly surfing a big wave. riding the platic yo. Also the plastic has more holes in it than we first realized, and we will not be able to use it. We are looking for a covering which is 35' x 35' and the plastic comes in 20 foot widths. We're still working that one out.

A big shout out to David Everett for helping us solve the slumping framework issue. On Saturday after our second trial set up, we were brainstorming ideas ranging from incorporating an umbrella type framework to internal supports and David's idea of plywood triangles around the outside edge, provides two solutions in the shape of the pod and a good way to secure the cover.

Click Image for photo gallery of the Ped Pex Power Pod

I am expecting the Power Pack and low voltage coffee makers to arrive today. It is extremely cold outside today, we might install the door this afternoon, and plan on completing the first bicycle generator.

I am ever grateful to my employer, Franconia Sculpture Park, for allowing me to rearrange my schedule and continue to Power Pod this week!!

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