Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our shanty

My brother Colin has returned to our hometown after living13 years in Seattle and one day over coffee we hatched our plan. A bicycle powered coffee shanty. Oh we have big ideas: built in heating and cooling systems in the walls, bicycle generators, lights, hot coffee. Veronica and I run metal pours together and she is the one who winter camps every year in Northern Minnesota.. She has good cold weather functioning, yes she’s in.

We realized immediately that we needed a lot of supplies and information and bikes and….so, after three weeks of worrying, I put together the following email and mailed it to everyone in my email list who I thought would either a) be interested in hearing about the project and/or b) would donate money, objects, and information.

Dear Friend,

Me and my siblings, Veronica and Colin are developing a community art project and we need your help. We are building a bicycle powered coffee shop as part of the art shanty projects on Medicine Lake this winter. It's a five week (Jan 17 - Feb 14) interactive exhibition and we are having loads of fun putting this thing together. We received a grant of $700 ($450 before it starts and $250 after we move it off the ice). We are recycling as many materials as possible, but our projections require another $900 to build 7 bike generators and gather building materials. We have a good start with 7 bicycles donated, and a good lead for possibly partnering with Peace Coffee. (who delivers all of their coffee locally by bicycle) Can you help? Please click on the link below to donate through paypal. Any amount brings us closer to realizing this green dream. In kind donations are also welcome we need: 2"x4" boards, 5/8" plywood, 3/4 inch pex, 40' x 40' reinforced plastic, 7 GM alternators, 7 deep cycle (or car) batteries, discarded steel bed frames (angle iron) and other cool stuff.

"The Ped Pex Power Pod relies on visitor’s energy and stamina to pedal their way to a cup of hot coffee, tea or cocoa. A social sculpture and experiment in green energy, we are creating bicycle generators and are hoping you, our guests, will have enough pedal power to provide hot drinks for all. We ask visitors to bring a cup or thermos. Although we will have in house mugs, no foam or paper cups will be distributed. Bring your book club or coffee clutch and generate some heat."
blurb to be published in ARP 's shanty insert in January

We really appreciate your help with this and of course hope you can visit us on the ice!! All donors names will be posted in the pod. (please let me know if you wish to remain anonymous) Anyone who donates $100 or more will receive a piece of copper toast as a thank you!



Felicia Glidden

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