Monday, February 23, 2009

5 weekends / 5 months / 25 pounds of Coffee

It's been a week and a day since we pulled the pod from the ice. It was five months of work culminating in a great way to spend short winter days with fellow adventurers. I spent three nights camping on the ice and on the last day i was able to stay in my sleeping bag and watch the temperature go from 3 degrees at dawn to 50 degrees at 9:00 am with the rise of the sun and no need to get up to prepare for visitors. Veronica arrived soon enough to enjoy our last cup of coffee and Colin arrived with the drill spinning in reverse and he had the cover off before i could yawn one more time. I'll continue to post videos as I edit them and you can see all the pictures from the project by clicking on the blue pod. Many thanks to the consortium, Margaret, Ellen, Colleen and Arden for making the move off the ice so easy. And a thousand kisses to the Soap Factory, Peace Coffee,David Pitman, the Art Shanty organizers, and all of the shanty artists for creating such a festive village on ice!

My favorite question which we heard quite often is "Does it spin?" I liked the visual this put in my mind of a hovering spinning pod, so I'll leave for now with this video of a cast iron top spinning as Jo and Anna team up on the bicycle.

Ped Pex Power Pod

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