Thursday, January 1, 2009

Supported by Friends

The response to my request for help has been incredible.
Thank you!
This project is supported by the generous support of money, time, materials and information by: (in order received)

The 2009 Art Shanty Project and the Soap Factory
Heather Doyle and The Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center
Zane, Tasha, and John Hock
Peter Morales
Sam Spiczka
Loretta Draths
Andrew MacGuffie
Shawn Glidden and Ellen Keane
Mary Lee, Riverlark Studio
William Glidden
Todd Bockley
Krista Kelley Walsh
James Michael Lawrence and Peter Michael Wilson
Nung Hsin Hu (Veal)
Sally Waterman
Michael George, choreographer/dancer
Coral Lambert
Terry Chance, Site Assembly
James Gladman
Diane Hellekson
Leigh Combs
Peace Coffee
Tamsie Ringler
David Welder
Thomas Moran, Classic Quarters
Bruce Stahlberg
Colleen Daly
Sheila Riley
Jonas Lindberg
Thomas Linder
Jenny Lea and Christopher Gamer
David Asher Everett
Jeffrey Kalstrom
Margaret Kelaart
Kate A. Clark
Jane Powers
Vicki Dischler
Sarah Burk
Susan Ranfranz
Theresa Smith

Ped Pex Power Pod">process image gallery

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